17 September 2008

New Beers as of 9/17 @ Plaza Beverage

Acme IPA 24/12oz NR
Atwater Blocktoberfest 24/12oz NR
Bell's Variety Pack 24/12oz NR
Blue Point 24/12oz NR
-----Hoptical Illusion
-----Toasted Lager
Brooklyn O-fest 24/12oz NR
Buffalo Bill Pumpkin Ale 24/12oz NR
Founders (24/12oz NR)
-----Breakfest Stout-
----Centennial IPA
-----Red Rye
Left Hand O-Fest 24/12oz NR
North Coast Old Rasputin Imp. Stout 24/12oz NR
Penn O-fest 24/12oz NR
Post Road Pumpkin Ale 24/12oz NR
Pyramid Hefe-Weizen 24/12oz NR
Southampton -----IPA 24/12oz NR
Southern Tier Harvest Ale 24/12oz NR
Thirsty Dog Old Leghummper 24/12oz NR
Thomas Hooker 24/12oz NR
-----Variety Pack
Tommyknocker 24/12oz NR
-----Maple Nut Brown
-----Variety Pack
Wild Goose 24/12oz NR
-----Brown Lager-----XPA

10 September 2008

New Beers as of 9/11 @ Plaza Beverage

Abita Fall Fest 24/12oz NR
Abita Pecan Harvest 24/12oz NR
Bitburger 24/16oz Cans
Dogfish Head 60min IPA 24/12oz NR
Dogfish Head 90min IPA 24/12oz NR
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale 24/12oz NR
Green Flash Double Stout 12/22oz NR
Harpoon O-Fest 24/12oz NR
Paulaner Hefe 24/12oz NR
Paulaner Lager
Rogue Chocolate Stout 12/22oz NR
Sam Adams O-Fest 24/12oz NR
Spaten O-FestSteg O-Fest
Stone 12th Anniversary Ale 12/22oz NR
Stone Vertical Epic 08-08-08 12/22oz NR
Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter 24/12oz NR
Troegs Dreamweaver 24/12oz NR
Unibroue Blanche De Chambly 24/12oz NR
Zyweic 24/12oz NR

04 September 2008

Fall Beers in Stock

Beck's O-Fest (In Stock)
Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale (Coming Soon)
Breckenridge Fall (SOLD OUT)
Buffalo Bill's Pumkin (In Stock)
Hacker O-Fest (Out Of Stock/Made Year Round)
Left Hand O-Fest (In Stock)
Magic Hat Jinx (Coming Soon)
New Holland Ichabod Ale (In Stock)
Paulaner O-Fest (Out Of Stock/Made Year Round)
Penn O-Fest (In stock)
Post Road Pumpkin Ale 24/12oz NR (In Stock)Sam Adams O-Fest (Coming Soon)
Saranac O-Fest (Coming Soon)
Saranac Pumpkin Ale (Coming Soon)
Spaten O-Fest $28.99 (Made Year Round)
Southhampton Pumpkin Ale 12/22oz NR (1 in stock**2007 Price**)
Southern Tier Pumpking 12/22oz NR $59.99 (Coming Soon)
Smutty Nose Pumpkin (In Stock)
Steg O-Fest(Coming Soon)
Victory Festbier $3x.49 (In stock)
Weihenstephan Festbier (In stock)

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