21 October 2009

Weyerbacher Harvest Ale – Plaza Beverage

WeyerbacherHarvest In Mid Sept Weyerbacher announced that their 2009 Harvest Ale had been shipped to NEPA.  After a few weeks passed, and none of our mybeerbuzz members were listing it as a new beer, I started asking around.  Turns out only about 45 cases made it to our area, and after a few weeks of asking (Thanks Charlie), Plaza Beverage was finally able to get a VERY limited quantity.  I’ve yet to taste this years, but I’m hearing it’s real good….and yes the photo is the hatch of my car.

New Beers as of 10/21 @ Plaza Beverage

Ithaca 24/12oz NR
-----Cold Front
-----Flower Power
Lake Placid UBU Ale 24/12oz NR
Long Trial Hibernator 24/12oz NR
Magic Hat Howl 24/12oz NR
Sam Adams
-----Coastal Wheat 24/12oz NR
-----Winter Variety Pack
Saranac 12 Beers of Winter 24/12oz NR
Weyerbacher Harvest Ale 24/12oz NR
Yuengling Variety Pack 24/12oz NR

14 October 2009

Plaza Beverage – Beer Haul

PlazaBeerHailOct2009 With the arrival of a few new exciting beers, I decided to head up to visit Charlie @ Plaza Beverage and re-supply our beer-basement.  Here’s a little photo of the haul.  From bottom to top we have the Sierra Nevada Wet Hop Harvest Ale, Bells Two-Hearted Ale, Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye, and who could resist our local favorite, Stegmaier Porter in their new packaging.  Charlie has several cases of the Sierra Nevada Wet Hop Harvest that just came in and no, despite previous reports, Troegs Mad Elf has not arrived yet.  Stay tuned here for details on when it hits our area.

New Beers as of 10/14 @ Plaza Beverage

Balidin Italian Super 12/25oz NR
Blue Point Variety Sampler 24/12oz NR
-----Black Chocolate Stout 24/12oz NR
----- Brown Ale 24/12oz NR
Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout 24/12oz NR
Flying Dog
-----Mixed Case 24/12oz NR
----- Snake Dog IPA 24/12oz NR
----- Dogtoberfest 24/12oz NR
Fort Collins
------Variety Case 24/12oz NR
----- Chocolate Stout 24/12oz NR
Sierra Nevada
-----Pale Ale 24/12oz NR
----- Harvest Ale 12/24oz NR
Terrapin Variety 24/12oz NR


Oktoberfest Long Trail beer sampling:

Friday 10/16 3PM-5PM