25 May 2010

New Beers as of 5/25 @ Plaza Beverage

Blue Moon Summer 24/12oz NR
-----Summer 24/12oz NR
-----What Ales You Variety Pack 24/12oz NR
-----Bock 24/12oz NR
-----Variety Pack 24/12oz NR (IPA, Pale, Amber & White)
Woodchuck Summer 24/12oz NR

19 May 2010

Stegmaier Variety Packs (with the NEW IPA & Pale Ale) have arrived in NEPA

StegIPAPale Plaza Beverage in Pittston tells me the new Stegmaier Variety packs have arrived.  We have really enjoyed both of these new beers so be sure to stop up and check it out.

18 May 2010

New Beers as of 5/18 @ Plaza Beverage

Appalachian Brewing 24/12oz NR
-----Scotch Ale
-----Variety Pack
Anderson Valley 24/12oz NR
-----Oatmeal Stout
Bass 50 Liter Keg
Bell's 24/12oz NR
-----Amber Ale
-----Oberon Ale
Brewfarm Lager 24/12oz Cans
Buffalo Bill's Orange Blossom 24/12oz NR
Hometown Lager 24/12oz NR
Hometown Light 24/12oz NR
Smutty Nose IPA 24/12oz NR
Sierra Nevada 24/12oz NR
-----Pale Ale
Tecate 24/12oz Cans

11 May 2010

New Beers as of 5/11 @ Plaza Beverage

Aiko Stiprus 20/16.9 oz NR
Chimay Blue 24/12 oz NR
Duvel 24/11.2 oz NR
Harpoon Cider 24/12 oz NR
Harpoon I.P.A. 24/12 oz NR
Tatra 24/16 oz Cans
Troegs Sunshine Pilsner 24/12 oz NR
Unibroue Variety 24/12 oz NR
Warka 24/16 oz Cans

05 May 2010

New Beers as of 5/5 @ Plaza Beverage

Abita Puprle Haze 24/12 oz NR
Abita Strawberry Lager 24/12 oz NR
Boulder Sweat Betty 24/12 oz NR
Harpoon Rasp UFO 24/12 oz NR
Harpoon Summer 24/12 oz NR
Troegs Variety 24/12 oz NR

03 May 2010

Plaza Beverage – Gamble on a Case Sale 5/4

From Charlie…click HERE for the latest:


Gamble On A Case Sale

Sale Date:05/04/2010

Sale Time: 9am to 9pm

Type(s) of Beer: All Micro's & Some Imports

Here is how the sale works*. 

Buy any case that is on a rack (all 22 racks included), then you will get the corresponding amount of free lottery tickets (Cash 2 Go) listed below.

$20-$29.99(before tax) case 2 Tickets

$30-$39.99(before tax) case 3 Tickets

$40-$49.99(before tax) case 4 Tickets

$50-$59.99(before tax) case 5 Tickets

$60-$99.99(before tax) case 8 Tickets

$100-$149.99(before tax) case 15 Tickets

Over $150(before tax) case 20 Tickets

Buy Multiple Cases to Upgrade to a Higher Bracket  

*All prices are before sales tax of 6% , No Rainchecks or Special Orders, Subject to Tickets and Beer Stock on Hand 

Excluded Brands: Amstle Light, Blue Moon, Corona, Dos Equis, Heineken, Labatt, Landshark, Modelo Especial, Molson, Moosehead, Negra Modelo, Pacifico, Sam Adams, Sol, St. Pauli Girl, Steg, Tecate Yuengling and any case under $20.00.